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Productivity growth must be the first economic consideration

National Steel Agencies current customers are found across a broad range of industries producing a diverse array of products and components to exacting standards. As a well established company, we are involved in supplying ferrous and non ferrous metals. Our ferrous metals contain small amount of iron and also add other elements or metals to give them necessary properties. Non ferrous metals do not contain any kind of iron and are not magnetic. Our objective is to provide all our customers, from the small machine shop to the large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously delivers the highest levels of service, quality and value.

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Who we are

  • Professional Workers

    Professionalism is not the job we do, it's how we do the job never compromising our values,with specialized knowledge meeting all the customer needs.
  • Effective Team Work

    Effective teamwork doesn’t just happen — it takes good problem-solving skills, decision making, communication and interpersonal skills. Members contribute to the organization’s success
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers.

mission and vision

  • our mission

    The mission is to provide an excellent customer relationship built on our Values, capabilities and world class service that excels to current industry needs.
  • our Vision

    The vision is to To improve, and to be accessible, inclusive and diverse to meet the ever changing needs of the precision component manufacturing industry. This will allow us to expand across multiple markets, becoming a more dynamic company.
  • our Values

    Our culture is one of adaptability and excellence. We are constantly re-examining our capabilities and processes to ensure our company remains innovative and prepared to meet the future demands of our customers.

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We leverage our broad range of industry productive experience in which each supervisor/manager has proactive conversations with each of their direct reports.
  • 10/2, MTP Road, Cheran Nagar,
    G.N.Mills(PO), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
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